What about a cosy Sunday?

❤ being cosy …

Loving me

In former life times I had read tons of books, I had eaten them up so to speak, I had been gone within them, had been digged into these stories, these dreams … Then there was a break and it was a good one. Nowadays I’m in love with cookbooks, more than ever before because it’s just essential to our core of delicious Beingness, don’t you think?

It’s pleasure.

It’s delight.

It’s captivating.

It’s pure joy and bliss to go for tasting, smelling, touching, seeing, feeling all the goodness around you. And I just love the different life stories within all of these cookbooks I hold close to my heart. And of course these awesome photographs that go along with them. Can’t live without beautiful and touching pictures ever … and in the end, it’s all about the journey you take for yourself, isn’t it?

This Sunday I’m surrounded by…

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Love notes

Love notes … ❤

Loving me

What do I ❤ right now?

I ❤ my precious ME-time …

I ❤ watching my old friend, the huge Chestnut tree go sleeping …

I ❤ this book, so yummy, so delicious, so many memories I have with this beautiful city all along …

I ❤ the soft evening breeze dancing through my open window, playing with my hair …

I ❤ being soft …

I ❤ allowing myself ease …

I ❤ dreaming with open eyes right here … Susan is such a great photographer, always finding beauty everywhere she goes …

I ❤ listening to the birds evening songs … Have I already mentioned that I just ❤ Spring time?

I ❤ watching the tiny bats doing their evening dance …

I ❤ feeling good no matter what … Life is just so very good! ~ Elisabeth

 Find things that feel good and feel them

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Not giving a rip

Loving me

The ONLY hindrance to Self Love … What has caused an eroding of Self Love within so many of you, is comparing you and what you want with others and what they want, and you and what you’ve got, with others and what they’ve got. That’s what causes an eroding of Self Love.

What causes a … inclusion of Self Love, an embracing of Self Love, a loving of Self, is a not giving a rip what anybody else thinks, and having your eye only on these two vibrational points of relativity, where you thought by thought, experience by experience, conversation by conversation, memory by memory, experience by experience, just train yourself into something that feels better, and better, and better and better. ~ Abraham Hicks 

When you get this, when you free yourself from thinking about what anybody else might think about you (and believe me, you wouldn’t…

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Expressing appreciation


[As you might know by now, I’m on my 365 Day Journey in Expressing Gratitude! Maybe you wanna join me?]

What I am grateful for today?

Day 10: I’ve finally understood the difference between appreciation and gratitude! There is a distinctive vibrational difference in using these two words: When someone is talking about something they’re grateful for in this moment usually they are speaking of some difficulty that they have overcome for which they are grateful but the difficulty is dominant in the vibration.

Think about this: I’m grateful that I no longer work there, I’m grateful that I’m no longer married to that person, I’m grateful that I’ve overcome this difficulty …

And how sounds this?

When you use the word appreciation, it’s not: I appreciate not living with that person anymore ~ it’s usually: I’m so appreciative of the life I’m living.

You get the distinction? It’s a big distinction. ~ Abraham Hicks

Therefore I change the label of my challenge in Expressing Gratitude into Expressing Appreciation ~ and I like it a lot better! Woohoo!

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